An Indian bride walking to the wedding hall is a remarkable sight. Dressed in silk and decked with jewelry she looks like a real princess walking to her rightful throne. A perfect hairdo matching her regal attire makes her truly magnificent. And the rich tradition of the country offers numerous choices for anyone looking to dress up. Here are some of the best wedding hairstyles from India.

Indian hairdo

Traditional Braided Hairstyle:

A thick long braid, decorated with pearls or gold accessories and flowers is the typical hairstyle for an Indian braid. The hairstyle looks best on round faces. The braid is usually thick and tight and looks neat.

Stylish High Bun:

Another popular choice for Indi an brides is the fancy bun updo. Thin braids and petal-like curls border the bun. A few crystals spread over the bun contrast with the black hair to create a spellbinding effect.

Side Braids:

The side braid is traditional and trendy. The hair is styled into a side braid and adorned with flowers to give a classic and classy look to the bride

Loose Waves:

This particular style is where the hair is let loose to frame the face. This form is best suited for the bride who is minimalist. The good thing is this style looks right irrespective of the length of the hair.

Twisted Side Bun:

The twisted side bun is classy and subtle and matches the Indian wedding attire. The advantage is this hairstyle can be suitable for any attire.

Classic Middle Parted hairstyle:

The elegant and straightforward middle parting is the preferred choice of hairstyle for many an Indian bride. The great thing about the hairstyle is it looks great on both straight and wavy hair.

Braided updo with Fresh Flowers:

A favorite among South Indian brides the bridal hairstyle is completed with fresh flowers like roses and jasmine. The bun is made of a tight braid, and a gold ornamental piece often adorns the center.

The side swept Bun:

A sophisticated bridal style with a sweeping that continues the side bun’s elegant look. The style can be embellished with flowers or braids.

Pinned Curls:

The simple hairdo looks exotic with loose flowing curls. With the curls pinned behind the ears, the bride’s earrings are highlighted. Curls allow the bride to be more natural.
The half up half down style:
A hairstyle with the half ponytail and the majority of the hair tied up. The style is versatile and allows for several variations.

Long Wavy down:

The long down with a bouffant can be worn with a bridal veil, which can be fixed under the bouffant at the back of the head. The hairstyle is suitable for both thick and thin hair.

Side ponytail:

This particular hairstyle with a wavy side ponytail looks exceptionally gorgeous on slim girls.

Voluminous Long hairstyle:

The hairstyle is a long downdo with added volume. Trendy and straightforward this hairdo goes well with small jewelry. A variant is with curls only for the ends. Work well for brides with thick and voluminous hair.