4 Things To Consider When Picking The Right Hairstyle For Your Wedding

4 Things To Consider When Picking The Right Hairstyle For Your Wedding

Wedding Hairstyle

A wedding can be the most memorable and special occasion of our entire life. An important fact for brides is the hairstyle they will choose to be on the ceremony, a subject sometimes underrated even by the brides themselves.

The hair is a frame of the woman’s face. It is responsible for helping to highlight the best points of face and to disguise everything that bothers. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the bridal hairstyle with an even more beautiful bride for the big day! Choosing all the details conform to the type of wedding, dress and accessories and it does not match any look.

This is not an impossible task. All you need to do is sit down and evaluate all the points of your wedding, from your look, to the party decoration. Remember that you have to evaluate everything very calmly, without hurry. After all, your look is at stake!

Here are four topics you must consider in order to pick the RIGHT hairstyle for your wedding ceremony. Remembering every person has its own personal choice, our guide based it on general tips and advices for every bride that may want to use it.

  • First- Choose the right dress: Before picking the hairstyle, you must analyze your choice of dress model. If your dress is long, heavy or more traditional, more conservative or elaborate hairstyles can be use, specially based on braids, spirals, French twist, etc. When the dress if softer, more casual, more unstrained styled, like a lace wedding dress or a fine line wedding dress, the hairstyle must go along, following a more natural and spontaneous direction, like loose, feathered hair or even a more elaborate interpretation of the classic ponytail.
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  • Makeup: The makeup must match with the hairstyle along with the dress. First thing to know is every face and skin tone has its own type of style to reach a 100% visual effect on makeup. Make sure of choose the right colors of lipstick, gloss, and whatever else you need to look perfect.
  • Do not do radical changes on your look: If you want to have a total change your look just before wedding, forget about it. If you want to change the color of your hair or the haircut, make sure to do it some weeks before the ceremony, so you will have time to test it and see if it works well. If you want to use hair apply, use it for more volume instead of length. Think very well before do any style change too over time.
  • Ceremony time: When the ceremony is on daylight, you must choose more casual hairstyles, going on a looser and unconstrained direction, especially on ceremonies on alternatives places like beach, river, farm or rural church. For ceremonies happening on evening, you can go on a more conservative, fancy, stylish or refined taste. Going this direction, hairdos that are more elaborate can be used- use your imagination, but also remember to use common sense to get the right match.


5 Hair Mistakes to Avoid before the Wedding

5 Hair Mistakes to Avoid before the Wedding


Enters the march. You want to be beautiful, you want to be a princess, or at least a lady, you want to be the center of attention, you want to cheerfully celebrate one of the most important days of your entire life, you want people to remember that moment forever, because you surely will; but you want things to be remembered for the right reasons. You don’t want people to remember the band because the singer was drunk, you don’t want to your family to remember the cake because it’s fallen on the floor, you don’t want people to remember the photographer because wedding photographers are supposed to be discreet professionals and vividly remembering them cannot be a good sign. And you don’t want people to remember your hair because it looked like it belonged to the head of some metal band from the 80’s.

We will talk about hair here; about mistakes to avoid before the wedding, so please do avoid those mistakes if you want to live happily ever after.

hair mistakes

Don’t cut your hair by yourself before the wedding:

It wasn’t part of the initial plan. You would not cut your hair, you’d do lots of other things on it, but not to cut it. Unfortunately now you want a new haircut to express the changes in your life, to signal new times are coming, to show the city your old you is past stuff. Unfortunately, since you were not planning to cut your hair you didn’t and the marriage is tomorrow morning and it’s midnight.

Oh, come on, I have my way with scissors! No, you don’t! Not at midnight when you’re about to get married just nine hours later! Please understand the cut won’t be gorgeous, it won’t be gut; People can actually assume you’ve got into a serious depression because of the marriage and your groom may not be able to handle all the guilt he’ll feel. Don’t do that.

Don’t ask your friend to cut your hair before the wedding:

Here we have pretty much the same scenario as the one presented above, and it is my duty to inform you this is such a bad decision as the previous one. Do not wake up your friend who’s sleeping over to help you with the final touches of the ceremony just to ask her to cut your hair at midnight, or at two in the morning! This is dangerous, she can accept out of anger! You don’t want to ruin one of the most important days of your life.

Don’t touch your hair all the time:

You’re about to get married, see, everyone is already waiting for the bride to enter – that would be you – just relax and stop messing with your hair otherwise you may end up sculpting abstract art out of it.

Avoid the wind:

The wind is dangerous if you’re using skirt or a light dress, but it can also be dangerous for your hair. If the place you’re getting married is windy, if the day is especially windy or anything like that beware and take good care of your hair, otherwise the wind may end up sculpting abstract art out of it.

Avoid the rain:

If the rain is pouring try to avoid it at any costs. You don’t want to look like Samara, from The Ring on your wedding day, I assume.

Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Wedding

Bridal Hairstyles for Indian Wedding


An Indian bride walking to the wedding hall is a remarkable sight. Dressed in silk and decked with jewelry she looks like a real princess walking to her rightful throne. A perfect hairdo matching her regal attire makes her truly magnificent. And the rich tradition of the country offers numerous choices for anyone looking to dress up. Here are some of the best wedding hairstyles from India.

Indian hairdo

Traditional Braided Hairstyle:

A thick long braid, decorated with pearls or gold accessories and flowers is the typical hairstyle for an Indian braid. The hairstyle looks best on round faces. The braid is usually thick and tight and looks neat.

Stylish High Bun:

Another popular choice for Indi an brides is the fancy bun updo. Thin braids and petal-like curls border the bun. A few crystals spread over the bun contrast with the black hair to create a spellbinding effect.

Side Braids:

The side braid is traditional and trendy. The hair is styled into a side braid and adorned with flowers to give a classic and classy look to the bride

Loose Waves:

This particular style is where the hair is let loose to frame the face. This form is best suited for the bride who is minimalist. The good thing is this style looks right irrespective of the length of the hair.

Twisted Side Bun:

The twisted side bun is classy and subtle and matches the Indian wedding attire. The advantage is this hairstyle can be suitable for any attire.

Classic Middle Parted hairstyle:

The elegant and straightforward middle parting is the preferred choice of hairstyle for many an Indian bride. The great thing about the hairstyle is it looks great on both straight and wavy hair.

Braided updo with Fresh Flowers:

A favorite among South Indian brides the bridal hairstyle is completed with fresh flowers like roses and jasmine. The bun is made of a tight braid, and a gold ornamental piece often adorns the center.

The side swept Bun:

A sophisticated bridal style with a sweeping that continues the side bun’s elegant look. The style can be embellished with flowers or braids.

Pinned Curls:

The simple hairdo looks exotic with loose flowing curls. With the curls pinned behind the ears, the bride’s earrings are highlighted. Curls allow the bride to be more natural.
The half up half down style:
A hairstyle with the half ponytail and the majority of the hair tied up. The style is versatile and allows for several variations.

Long Wavy down:

The long down with a bouffant can be worn with a bridal veil, which can be fixed under the bouffant at the back of the head. The hairstyle is suitable for both thick and thin hair.

Side ponytail:

This particular hairstyle with a wavy side ponytail looks exceptionally gorgeous on slim girls.

Voluminous Long hairstyle:

The hairstyle is a long downdo with added volume. Trendy and straightforward this hairdo goes well with small jewelry. A variant is with curls only for the ends. Work well for brides with thick and voluminous hair.

4 Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks Every Bride must know

4 Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks Every Bride must know


A wedding is an extraordinary moment, and we all want to be at our best when we step up the mantle to enter into wedlock. You can get a perfect dress for the day, but end up with a lousy hairdo when it matters the most. Take a look at these tips that will help you in making your day as unique as you always wanted it to be.


1. Pick the right hairstyle:

The choice of hairstyles before you is probably even more than your wedding dress. Do you want your hair to be flowing freely or tied up in a bun, or perhaps your hair would look best if worn in a braid? Consider these points before deciding on the hairstyle.

2. Your hair should complement your dress:

Having a colorful dress and a dashing hairstyle seldom works well. Your dress and hair should contrast and complement. A dramatic hairdo will be impressive along with a simple dress. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a grand sparkly ball gown, a subtle updo will work wonders on the onlookers.

3. Mind the weather:

Weather is an important consideration. If the wedding takes place in a cold climate, curls and cascading hairdo will look gorgeous. But in a hot, humid climate choosing these styles means your hair might frizz and stick to your back. Hence, a more put together hairstyle like an updo will be fantastic in such cases.

4. Is your hair long enough?

Not all hairstyles can be done on all types of hair. Your hair length or volume might not be enough to create that fancy hairdo you saw on the fashion magazine. Despair not, there is the possibility of wearing hair extensions to achieve your dream hairstyle.

5. Do a trial run:

If you have decided on a particular hairstyle after discussing it with your stylist, you should go for a trial run. The importance of having a trial cannot be stressed enough. You may be hard-pressed for time, but a trial run can show you if the hairdo works on your day.

6. Hiring a stylist is not obligatory:

If you are uncomfortable working with your hair, you should perhaps hire a professional hairstylist. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing with your hair, with little practice you can create the look you want. You don’t need to sport an extravagant hairstyle on your wedding day. In fact, many fancy hairstylists charge a hefty fee for creating the simplest of hairstyles. Mostly, even elaborate looking hairstyles are easy to create on your own.

7. Don’t get a haircut just before your wedding:

Don’t risk it the day before your wedding. Trim your ends well ahead of the wedding day for a healthy and natural looking hair.