Enters the march. You want to be beautiful, you want to be a princess, or at least a lady, you want to be the center of attention, you want to cheerfully celebrate one of the most important days of your entire life, you want people to remember that moment forever, because you surely will; but you want things to be remembered for the right reasons. You don’t want people to remember the band because the singer was drunk, you don’t want to your family to remember the cake because it’s fallen on the floor, you don’t want people to remember the photographer because wedding photographers are supposed to be discreet professionals and vividly remembering them cannot be a good sign. And you don’t want people to remember your hair because it looked like it belonged to the head of some metal band from the 80’s.

We will talk about hair here; about mistakes to avoid before the wedding, so please do avoid those mistakes if you want to live happily ever after.

hair mistakes

Don’t cut your hair by yourself before the wedding:

It wasn’t part of the initial plan. You would not cut your hair, you’d do lots of other things on it, but not to cut it. Unfortunately now you want a new haircut to express the changes in your life, to signal new times are coming, to show the city your old you is past stuff. Unfortunately, since you were not planning to cut your hair you didn’t and the marriage is tomorrow morning and it’s midnight.

Oh, come on, I have my way with scissors! No, you don’t! Not at midnight when you’re about to get married just nine hours later! Please understand the cut won’t be gorgeous, it won’t be gut; People can actually assume you’ve got into a serious depression because of the marriage and your groom may not be able to handle all the guilt he’ll feel. Don’t do that.

Don’t ask your friend to cut your hair before the wedding:

Here we have pretty much the same scenario as the one presented above, and it is my duty to inform you this is such a bad decision as the previous one. Do not wake up your friend who’s sleeping over to help you with the final touches of the ceremony just to ask her to cut your hair at midnight, or at two in the morning! This is dangerous, she can accept out of anger! You don’t want to ruin one of the most important days of your life.

Don’t touch your hair all the time:

You’re about to get married, see, everyone is already waiting for the bride to enter – that would be you – just relax and stop messing with your hair otherwise you may end up sculpting abstract art out of it.

Avoid the wind:

The wind is dangerous if you’re using skirt or a light dress, but it can also be dangerous for your hair. If the place you’re getting married is windy, if the day is especially windy or anything like that beware and take good care of your hair, otherwise the wind may end up sculpting abstract art out of it.

Avoid the rain:

If the rain is pouring try to avoid it at any costs. You don’t want to look like Samara, from The Ring on your wedding day, I assume.