A wedding is an extraordinary moment, and we all want to be at our best when we step up the mantle to enter into wedlock. You can get a perfect dress for the day, but end up with a lousy hairdo when it matters the most. Take a look at these tips that will help you in making your day as unique as you always wanted it to be.


1. Pick the right hairstyle:

The choice of hairstyles before you is probably even more than your wedding dress. Do you want your hair to be flowing freely or tied up in a bun, or perhaps your hair would look best if worn in a braid? Consider these points before deciding on the hairstyle.

2. Your hair should complement your dress:

Having a colorful dress and a dashing hairstyle seldom works well. Your dress and hair should contrast and complement. A dramatic hairdo will be impressive along with a simple dress. On the other hand, if you choose to go with a grand sparkly ball gown, a subtle updo will work wonders on the onlookers.

3. Mind the weather:

Weather is an important consideration. If the wedding takes place in a cold climate, curls and cascading hairdo will look gorgeous. But in a hot, humid climate choosing these styles means your hair might frizz and stick to your back. Hence, a more put together hairstyle like an updo will be fantastic in such cases.

4. Is your hair long enough?

Not all hairstyles can be done on all types of hair. Your hair length or volume might not be enough to create that fancy hairdo you saw on the fashion magazine. Despair not, there is the possibility of wearing hair extensions to achieve your dream hairstyle.

5. Do a trial run:

If you have decided on a particular hairstyle after discussing it with your stylist, you should go for a trial run. The importance of having a trial cannot be stressed enough. You may be hard-pressed for time, but a trial run can show you if the hairdo works on your day.

6. Hiring a stylist is not obligatory:

If you are uncomfortable working with your hair, you should perhaps hire a professional hairstylist. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing with your hair, with little practice you can create the look you want. You don’t need to sport an extravagant hairstyle on your wedding day. In fact, many fancy hairstylists charge a hefty fee for creating the simplest of hairstyles. Mostly, even elaborate looking hairstyles are easy to create on your own.

7. Don’t get a haircut just before your wedding:

Don’t risk it the day before your wedding. Trim your ends well ahead of the wedding day for a healthy and natural looking hair.