A wedding can be the most memorable and special occasion of our entire life. An important fact for brides is the hairstyle they will choose to be on the ceremony, a subject sometimes underrated even by the brides themselves.

The hair is a frame of the woman’s face. It is responsible for helping to highlight the best points of face and to disguise everything that bothers. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the bridal hairstyle with an even more beautiful bride for the big day! Choosing all the details conform to the type of wedding, dress and accessories and it does not match any look.

This is not an impossible task. All you need to do is sit down and evaluate all the points of your wedding, from your look, to the party decoration. Remember that you have to evaluate everything very calmly, without hurry. After all, your look is at stake!

Here are four topics you must consider in order to pick the RIGHT hairstyle for your wedding ceremony. Remembering every person has its own personal choice, our guide based it on general tips and advices for every bride that may want to use it.

  • First- Choose the right dress: Before picking the hairstyle, you must analyze your choice of dress model. If your dress is long, heavy or more traditional, more conservative or elaborate hairstyles can be use, specially based on braids, spirals, French twist, etc. When the dress if softer, more casual, more unstrained styled, like a lace wedding dress or a fine line wedding dress, the hairstyle must go along, following a more natural and spontaneous direction, like loose, feathered hair or even a more elaborate interpretation of the classic ponytail.
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  • Makeup: The makeup must match with the hairstyle along with the dress. First thing to know is every face and skin tone has its own type of style to reach a 100% visual effect on makeup. Make sure of choose the right colors of lipstick, gloss, and whatever else you need to look perfect.
  • Do not do radical changes on your look: If you want to have a total change your look just before wedding, forget about it. If you want to change the color of your hair or the haircut, make sure to do it some weeks before the ceremony, so you will have time to test it and see if it works well. If you want to use hair apply, use it for more volume instead of length. Think very well before do any style change too over time.
  • Ceremony time: When the ceremony is on daylight, you must choose more casual hairstyles, going on a looser and unconstrained direction, especially on ceremonies on alternatives places like beach, river, farm or rural church. For ceremonies happening on evening, you can go on a more conservative, fancy, stylish or refined taste. Going this direction, hairdos that are more elaborate can be used- use your imagination, but also remember to use common sense to get the right match.